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Jessica Blair Aradski

My name is Jessica Blair Aradski.

I am a certified User Interface designer and Creative Consultant. My expertise focuses on creating unique interfaces that put people and their stories first. I love creating designs that I could see people interact with, enjoy, and communicate their brand image.

This site feature examples of my work. 

For opportunities to collaborate, contact me at,

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Organize my closet 

Borrow from community

Organize my closet is designed to help user's virtually arrange their belongings. The unique algorithm provides visual guidance to sort through a user's wardrobe and pick out the best style options. After researching trends of sharing platforms ( like airbnb and renting cars), This apps' community engagement was enhanced, by allowing users to channel their peer's closets . Users can rent wardrobe, and get inspired by other's looks, making organize my closet an outstanding tool in organization and also profit sharing.

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My style generator

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Still curious about what I do?...
Here is a brief understanding of my design process,

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