Jessica Blair Aradski

My name is Jessica Blair Aradski.

I am a certified User Interface designer and Creative Consultant. My expertise focuses on creating unique interfaces that put people and their stories first. I love creating designs that I could see people interact with, enjoy, and communicate their brand image.

This site feature examples of my work. 

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House to Home

pick your Style Guru,

House to Home was a 10 day challenge assignment, to help design conscious users discover affordable home decor based on their unique style preferences.


To begin the process, I researched who the core customer for H2H is and different approaches to designing the app. After testing out different versions of app designs, the concept developed into having users pick from a personal style guru that deciphers product suggestions based on user's budget, style, and color settings. ( Key Factors in the user research ) 


The App took the assignment a step further by providing the idea of an AR experience that allows users to see suggested items depicted in their personal space, making an easier decision to purchase. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 2.03.01 PM.png


To begin the design process from generated user research we asked the question, How might we?,

  • Create a platform that is budget conscious.

  • Create a platform that helps users narrow their search.

  • Create a platform based upon users’ unique preferences.

  • Help a user find products given a time constraint. 

STYLEGURU6 – 1.png

set your preferences,

BUDGET 3.png
SEARCH – 3.png
ROOM – 6.png

see your space,

search your products,

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